Note: We are slowly rolling out these changes to the Double Time buff in the National Fair, so you may not have it right away. We are very excited to fully get this out as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience.
Just like in the County Fair or State Fair, National Fair participants get to earn the Double Time buff right after filling up the Fair Bar.
Once the initial Double Time buff expires, you can get a second one after a 48-hour cooldown. Access the Leaderboard and hover the cursor over your avatar to monitor the remaining time.
There won't be a second Double Time buff if the remaining time before the National Fair reset is less than the intended 48-hour cooldown for the Double Time buff. Instead of the cooldown display, the message on the Leaderboard would be: "Cannot activate the next Double Time because the National Fair ends soon!
As soon as the 48-hour cooldown is over, the message becomes "Activate Double Time by earning fair points!".
Once the above message shows up, you can then activate the second Double Time buff by harvesting the first Prized Crop or Prized Fruit to appear on the Farm. This buff lasts for 24 hours.
To ensure the activation of the 2nd Double Time and make the most out of it, it is ideal to trigger the initial Double Time Buff no later than Sunday at 7AM PST each week. The earlier, the better.