Race Horse:
What is Horse Racing?
It is the county's equestrian performance sport to give a Farmer's horses the chances to stretch their legs and show off their true potential!
Trained horses race over a set distance for competition as well as FarmVille Derby trophies and rewards. Players can feed their Race Horses special Race Feed to get them ready for training and increase their stats, giving them a winning edge over the opponents!
What does the Racing Stable do?
The Racing Stable is where your Race Horses are kept and trained. This is also where you can:
  • view their respective stats and the number of races they can participate in
  • initiate a race after training them
  • view your progress in the Derby Tiers and FarmVille Derby Rewards
How do I choose a Race Horse?
You can place any adult horse that hasn’t been raced before from the Farm to the Racing Stable. Once inside, it becomes a Race Horse, and cannot be used as a Farm animal until it retires.
What determines a Race Horse's base stats?
Its starting stats will be determined by the Pedigree. A higher Pedigree horse will have better starting stats and can be trained to higher stats too!
How do I add more Race Horses to the Racing Stable?
The Race Horse slots are unlocked by doing more races. The more races done, the more Race Horses can be added to the Racing Stable.
Why do I need to train my Race Horses?
  • It improves their stats, therefore increasing the chance to win races.
  • After each race, the horse's stats will reduce by a certain amount depending on the type of terrain that was raced on. Therefore, it is important to train it again for better stats.
  • Ultimately, the "Race Now" button appears only after training a racehorse
How many training sessions does a Race Horse need before it can race?
The "Race" Now" option becomes available after training it once. But players can train their horses as much as they want before choosing to race them.
Race Feeds:
What are Race Feeds?
Race Feeds are fed to horses in order to improve their stats as part of horse training. There are three kinds of Race Feeds, namely: Strength, Speed, and Stamina. Each Race Feed helps boost the horse's corresponding stat. Click on the up arrows to add feed to the horse.
How do I earn Race Feeds?
Race Feeds are dropped by chance when performing the following Farm actions:
  • Strength Race Feed - feed adult animals
  • Speed Race Feed - harvest land crops
  • Stamina Race Feed - use Baby Bottles on baby animals

You may also purchase Race Feeds using Favors or Farm Bucks
Additionally, you can claim free race feed each day through clicking the Race Feed Chest inside the Racing Stable. Keep the claiming streak going to get the most feed every day!
The claiming streak will reset if you miss a day.

Will I be able to choose my Race Horse's opponent?
Yes, after clicking the "Race Now" button, you will be able to select your horse's opponent.
What do the terrains have to do with my horse's stats?
Each terrain will affect the horse's performance depending on its stat
  • Grass = good for high Stamina
  • Rocky = good for high Strength
  • Mud = good for high Speed
Choose a terrain based on your highest stats. You can also choose based on your opponent’s weakest stats. It’s up to you!
FarmVille Derby Rewards:
What do I get for winning horse races?
By winning horse races, you climb up through the FarmVille Derby Tiers, obtain more Trophies, and win awesome rewards.
Where do I view the Racing Tier Rewards?
Access the Racing Stable and click on the "Derby Rewards" button in the middle of the screen.
Horse Retirement:
  • The number of races a horse can have depends on the number of feedings it would take to make it Prized. A recently raised horse that hasn’t been fed on the Farm much will have the most races. But an older farm horse will have fewer races.
  • When a horse retires, it is placed back on the Farm
  • A retired horse is returned to the Farm with +1 Pedigree, unless it was already at Pedigree 5.
Defense Races:
  • If you are challenged by another player for a horse race, a defense race takes place. If there's no history of any defense race when you get back to the game, it means that you weren't challenged by other players while you were away
  • You will have one Defense Horse which is the only one that will race when challenged
  • Once you've unlocked more rooms for Race Horses, you can swap out a Defense Horse for a new one
  • You can view the defense races that took place while you were away by clicking on the "Challenges received" button. This is where you can also see the ones you've won or lost
  • You will win Trophies and claim them through that button for every Defense Race that you've won.
  • Your Defense Horse's stats don't decrease after every defense race
  • The defender won't lose Trophies for losing, but the challenger will win Trophies
  • When an opponent wins a defense race, an option for rematch is possible
  • The same Defense Horse that got challenged will be used for a rematch.
  • Before a rematch starts, you can select a terrain that would give advantage to your Defense Horse's stats
  • When you choose to do a rematch, the regular rules will still apply - you can either win or lose Trophies depending on the result.