Cache, pronounced cash, is a temporary storage place inside your computer. Your cache stores files that are downloaded when you visit sites on the internet. That way, when you return to a site at a later time, the system does not have to re-download all of the information. Caching makes the site load into your browser more quickly.

When should you clear your cache?
Clearing your cache anytime is not recommended. Most of the data within the Farmville 2 game does not change frequently, so re-fetching or caching will significantly slow down the loading time for the Farmville 2 game and may cause issues within the game.

Why clear cache? 
It will clear every data required for the game. It will also help remove broken/corrupted files that may be causing issues so when you reload FarmVille 2 you’ll get new and updated data for the game.

Note: We don’t recommend clearing cache and it should only be done if you are experiencing these issues: 
  • Stuck on White Screen
  • Loading Bar Stuck
  • Missing Requests Envelope