No need to hold your horses because Horse Breeding is here!
If you are level 15 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the "Get Started" button to start Horse breeding.
Get an exclusive Breeding Barn for only 100 Farm Bucks instead of 200 by clicking the "Start Now!" button and place your Breeding Barn on your Farm.
After placing the Barn, click it to start breeding.
Now let's start Horse breeding!
The first step in Horse Breeding is to select two horses which you'd like to breed. What you'll want to consider when picking a horse is that parents pass on unique traits to their offspring. However, select carefully! Each horse can only breed once.
You may noticed that there are stars directly below a horse. This is to indicate the type of Pedigree a certain horse has. To know more about Pedigrees, click on the "?" button on the upper-right hand corner of the menu.
As parts of the star gets filled, the Pedigree also increases. It starts with the lowest Pedigree of 0 with no parts of the star filled to the highest Pedigree which is 5 and the star is completely filled.
Breeding costs Favor so make sure you have some before proceeding! Here we'll select two Pedigree 2 horses. Also, take note of where the meter is after selecting your horses.
While the horses are breeding, you can improve the baby's Pedigree by feeding the parents. This will also decrease the time you need to wait before the breeding's finished.
You'll notice the Pedigree Predictor moving up as you boost your baby.
Feeding the parents the maximum number of times will yield the best results.
The Baby will have the best possible Pedigree and you can also get it immediately!
From the Pedigree 2 parents, the baby now has Pedigree 3.
Place the baby on your Farm and grow it up to see its unique look and final outputs. You'll also get to name it! Just click on the bar to rename the horse.
All Horses now have a Pedigree, which awards you Fair points and increases the number of its output. Pedigree is the Power Level of the bred Horse. Once a baby Horse is raised into an Adult, the Pedigree will become active.
There are a total of six Pedigree levels (Pedigree 5 being the greatest):
  • Pedigree 0 – Horses only available for Coins
  • Pedigree 1 – You can breed a Pedigree 1 or purchase it for Coins in the General Store
  • Pedigree 2 – Horses only available for Farm Bucks. You can also breed a Pedigree 2 or purchase it for Farm Bucks in the General Store
  • Pedigree 3 – You can breed a Pedigree 3 or purchase it for Farm Bucks in the General Store
  • Pedigree 4 - Can only be bred
  • Pedigree 5 - Can only be bred
Earning Pedigree Points:
Raising a baby bred Horse will activate its Pedigree. If the bred Horse is your highest Pedigree for the week, you will earn Pedigree Points towards the Weekly Fair Event. Once you have reached Pedigree 5, you will have earned the maximum amount of Pedigree Points for the week. 
Additional Information:
  • You are limited to one Breeding Barn per Farm.
  • You can only breed two Horses at any given time.
  • Feeding the parents while breeding inside of the Barn is in progress can Prize the Horses if they have run out of feedings.
  • If you have reached the maximum Animal Capacity, your new baby Horse will remain in the Breeding Barn until there is space on your Farm.
  • You can increase your Animal Capacity by purchasing Water Troughs in the General Store or by purchasing or upgrading your Animal Barn in the Upgrade Menu.
  • You will only receive Pedigree Points for one Horse each week.
  • You will only receive Fair Points from a bred Horse (Adult) if it is your highest Pedigree for the week.
  • When you breed two Horses, you have a chance of getting baby Horse Twins!