Co-op goals will be back for all players from 22nd May 2020 - with the new cycle start. This will also be a start of new and improved Co-ops.
Notable Changes implemented in Co-ops (from 22nd May onwards cycle):

  1. We have removed inactive members (who haven’t entered the game for the past 90 days). We are doing this so that all Phantom co-ops created 7-8 years back which are empty can be removed
  2. Removal of players is not based on Level at all. Any player eligible for Co-op (level wise) and has come to the game at least 1 day in last 90 Days, will not be removed
  3. After Step 1, we have closed Co-ops with 1 to 5 active members and have put them with highly active co-ops. Approx. 230 K, will be part of New Co-ops from 22nd May cycle
  4. Though the game has put them with a Co-op, it’s not mandatory for them to stay. They can leave these co-ops if they feel like and Join any other Co-op
  5. Co-op sizes have been reduced from 25 to 15 (for most Co-op, some highly engaged ~1000 Co-op will still have 16-25 members). This might create potential confusion, we will be solving this in later stages
  6. Towns/Map progress will be removed and instead players will get additional rewards each week for winning their Co-op Goals
  7. To join a new Co-op, the Browse system is new and will recommend players to join the best Co-ops suited for them unlike before
  8. The ability to create a Co-op has been temporarily disabled. This will come later
  9. It’s a new buildable and Co-op UI that players will see from 22nd May cycle 
  10. Though, players are already part of Co-ops, as experience changes, they will be guided through the entire process again by various FTUEs (First-time user experience dialogs). Players might feel it’s repetitive, but as we have changed a lot of things, we want them to understand each aspect
  11. All Co-ops will now have only one leader, who is the best performing member in that Co-op for now.