To protect both our users and our company from attempts at credit card or payments fraud, we have implemented screening systems which can lock users out of payments based on a number of criteria. 

There are two basic types of purchasing blocks: 

Temporary Purchase Blocks

These can be applied to your account if you have had a previous purchase attempt that was declined, or if you have exceeded the number of times that you can make purchases for the day. 

These will automatically expire after roughly a 24-hour period. Please note that this period may be longer depending on whether you have exceeded a daily, weekly or monthly purchasing limit. 

Permanent Purchase Blocks

Because we do not wish to compromise our systems detection methods, we cannot go into specific detail surrounding why your account has been blocked. We can only tell you that something unusual in your account or account history triggered our system to permanently lock you out. Basically, our system can no longer trust that payments initiated by your account will settle or account activity suggests that your credentials have been compromised. For further assistance on this matter, you may reach out to our Billing Team via email. Click here to submit a ticket.