FarmVille 2 is played on all kinds of different computers. Each of those computers is built and runs differently. We know this, and we've taken steps to accomodate for it.

To give you the best possible experience while playing FarmVille 2, some players may see some differences when playing the game. Whether or not you experience these differences is dictated by the current hardware and/or software on your computer. 

On computers with advanced hardware configurations, FarmVille 2 runs in Hardware Mode, with settings that take full advantage of your computer's potential. 

On computers that do not have advanced hardware configurations, FarmVille 2 runs in Software Mode, which will allow you to enjoy FarmVille 2, even if your machine or internet connection isn't perfect.

If you are in Software Mode, you may experience the following:

  • An inability to enter Fullscreen Mode
  • Limited Zoom in/out capabilities
  • Occasional Pixelation/graphical lag

These settings are applied automatically, so that you never have to worry about getting the best performance from your system when you're playing FarmVille 2.