To access the General Store, click on the vegetable icon at the bottom of the screen. To help you find what you are looking for more easily, the General Store has six tabs at the top of the menu: Seeds, Trees, Animals, Decorations, Buildings and Consumable:

Specific items can be found in their corresponding tab. If you are looking for something to plant, check out the Seeds tab. If you need new livestock, open up the “Animals” tab.

Within each of the tabs you will find additional features designed to help you sort through everything even easier. Clicking on the “sort by” drop down menu will allow you to sort items by:
  • Name - Alphabetically sort items
  • Farm Bucks - Show Farm Buck items first
  • Coins - Show Coin items first
  • Limited - Show “Limited Edition” items first. These items will only be in the General Store for a Limited amount of time
  • XP - Sort by XP amount granted
  • Default  - Sort by default settings

In addition to the “sort by” option, there are also sub-tabs, which allow you to refine your search even further.

If you know the name of the item you are looking for (or the partial name) you can also use the Search Function to quickly sort through the contents of the General Store.

When in the General Store, Seeds, Trees and Animals all display Resource and Recipe information when you hover over their respective General Store Cards. When looking at the resources produced, you will see how many coins the harvested crop (or ingredient) sells for and how much Feed it yields when placed in the Feed Mill. The Recipe Information displays what recipes that crop/ingredient is currently used in.

The “Record” Information displays the weight of the biggest prized crop (of this type) that you have earned.