You will eventually be able to expand your Farm to all the grassy areas and the river you see on your screen. As you reach higher levels in the game, these plots will become available for you to unlock. You can hover your mouse over a plot to see which level you need to be on to unlock that plot, as well as which goodies you will unlock when you expand to that plot:


Expanding Your Farm:

You can tell if a plot is available to expand on because you will see a sign pop up in the plot that looks like this:


When you click on a plot to expand it, you will see a pop-up. In this pop-up, you will see a list of requirements you need to meet before you are able to unlock a plot, like this:

When you are ready to unlock a plot of land, you need to have all of these requirements in your inventory. For example, in the case above, if you have four eggs in your inventory but sell one to get more Coins so you can have the 1,000 Coins you need to unlock the land, you will no longer have enough eggs.

Once you have met all the requirements, the “Expand” button will turn blue and you can click on it to call in Marie’s “landscaping service” to clear the land for you:

Clearing land does more than just gives you more space to farm in—it also unlocks cool new items and game mechanics! You already saw this in action the first time you expanded; when you unlocked the land that had the Feed Mill on it, you were able to use the Mill to feed your goats. Every time you expand, you will uncover some new items. Best of all, once you unlock an item via expansion, you also unlock that item in the General Store, so you can purchase more if you want to!