We've compiled some easy steps and tips to help you find your FarmVille 2 posts on Facebook, these should help you avoid the following situations:
  • Unable to view your posts or neighbors posts.
  • You shared a post to ask for quest help or feature help and cannot view it on Facebook.
If your neighbors are not seeing your FarmVille 2 posts, you may need to check and perform the following steps.
Unhide FarmVille 2 posts in your News Feeds

Changes with how users control the content of their News Feed have left many Farmers at a loss in getting their hidden FarmVille 2 posts back. Here's a workaround that should help solve the problem.
1. Visit a Facebook friend's profile who plays FarmVille 2 and pick any of the available FarmVille 2 posts.
2. Click the 3 dot Menu button in the upper-right corner of the post and click "Find support or report post".
3. Click on False Information from the options, then click Something Else. Click Next.
4. Click 'Hide all from FarmVille 2 app'.

5. When asked to confirm, click the 'Hide' button.
6. Click 'Undo' then 'Done' and that should do the trick!
Setting your FarmVille 2 App visibility and posts audience

This setting controls who on Facebook can see your FarmVille 2 posts. It will also allow you to choose the audience of every post the app makes on your behalf.

1. On your Facebook homepage, click the drop-own icon in the top right corner of the page, then choose Settings & Privacy.
2. Select Settings.

3. Select Apps and Websites from the General panel. This will show all the games that you have installed on Facebook. Search FarmVille 2 from the search bar, then click on View and edit.

A window will pop up with the FarmVille 2 App settings. Under the “Who can see that you use this app?”, click on the drop down button, then select Friends.

Don't forget to click Save if you've made any changes. Interface may vary as Facebook updates from time to time.