Similar to Crop Mastery, when you harvest a Tree (regular or Heirloom) you earn Mastery Points. With enough Mastery Points, you will earn a Ribbon for that particular Tree. This is called “Tree Mastery.” There are three levels of Tree Mastery you can achieve: Yellow Ribbon, Red Ribbon, and Blue Ribbon. 

When you have earned a Ribbon, you will see a pop-up like the one below. 

Each time you earn a Mastery Ribbon, you will be able to place a sign on your Farm that indicates what level of mastery you have reached. This sign is for decoration purposes only… but placing it will let everyone know what you have achieved! 
The number of harvests required to achieve Blue Ribbon mastery differs from Tree to Tree. Just keep harvesting Trees and your Ribbons will show up eventually! If you are in a hurry to earn your Blue Ribbon status, harvest Heirloom Trees and/or use Speed-Grow on your Trees. Harvesting Heirloom Trees will help you master that particular Tree 3X faster than harvesting regular Trees. In addition, using Speed-Grow earns twice the Mastery Points than regular harvests!  

4.1.  Master Faster with Speed-Grow!


Are you in a hurry to master your Trees? Master faster by Pruning your Trees into Heirloom or with Speed-Grow! Use Speed-Grow to earn twice the Mastery, even if the Tree is not ready to be harvested.
To use Speed-Grow, hover your cursor over a Tree until you see a pop-up with a blue bottle icon (see image below). This icon indicates how much Speed-Grow you have in your Inventory. Click on the blue bottle icon to instantly grow your Tree.


Mastering Trees may seem like hard work, but with each level of Mastery you achieve, the more resources your Tree will produce.
4.2.    Tree Mastery – Additional Information  : 
  • Hover over the Tree Mastery Sign to view progress towards your next Ribbon.
  • Speed-Grow will only work on Trees that are watered.
  • The more Heirloom Trees of the same type you harvest, the faster you'll master that particular Tree.
  • Once an Heirloom Tree becomes an Elder, harvesting it will count towards Tree Mastery.