Compete with other Farmer in weekly League events. There are a total of 10 Leagues to compete per week. Gather Prized Goods like Crops, Fruits and Animals to earn points. 

The number of points you earn determines your Rank in your current League. Based on your success, you will join a new League every week for four weeks; and then, at the end of the month, you go to the State Fair to win Exclusive Prizes! 

Below is the list of Leagues and Trophies:

Amber League I

Amber League II

Amber League III 

Ruby League I

 Ruby League II

 Ruby League III

Sapphire League I

Sapphire League II

Sapphire League III 

Diamond League

Check your current rank in the League to view your progress as well as your Neighbors'.

Note: The League that you are competing in is always one step ahead of the Trophy that you currently have. If you currently have an Amber I Trophy, you are in the Amber II League. If you currently have a Legendary Crown, you are in the Amber I League. Also, the League should show up in the State Fair board while your Trophy should be in your Neighbor Bar.