Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the State Fair:
Q: How do I access the State Fair?
A: To gain access to the State Fair, you have to be at least level 20 and have a Legendary Status from the County Fair. If you meet both requirements and still don't have the State Fair, don't worry, we are gradually releasing it to all players and should be making it to your Farms soon.
Q: What happens when I reach the point requirement in the State Fair?
A: You're already familiar with Jumbo Time in the County Fair. In the State Fair, you will earn Double Time once you've reached the point requirements. Double Time doubles the number of points you get from Prized Crops for a 24 hours.
Q: How do I win rewards from the State Fair?
A: Just like the County Fair, you need to earn points each week by harvesting Prized goods from Animals, Crops and Heirloom Trees. Once you meet the required number of points, you'll automatically be eligible for rewards.
Q: How are players grouped in the State Fair?
A: Players are grouped into Leagues based on Medal/Trophy tier, County Fair points and player level.
Q: What are the different Leagues in the State Fair?
A: The Amber, Ruby and Sapphire League have 3 Tiers. The Diamond League has only 1 Tier and is the highest League available.  Each Tier has a special Trophy you can earn.
Q: How do I move up to a higher League?
A: Harvest enough Prized Goods from Animals, Crops and Trees to place in the Top 3 of your League to move up one step to the pinnacle of farming greatness.
Q: What advantages do I get when I move up to a higher League?
A: Aside from getting a cool trophy in recognition of your efforts, you also get more and better rewards from Prize Boxes as you climb up to a higher League.
Q: What do I get from upgrading my Prize Shovels?
A: Upgrading your Prize Shovels lets you earn more points from Prized Goods, helping you reach the top of your League faster. 
Q: What happens when I do not reach the required number of points or end at the bottom of the League?
A: A player goes down a League and returns to the previous Trophy.
Q: What if I miss out on the State Fair for multiple weeks?
A: A player who were not able to access the State Fair will only go down to the previous Trophy level regardless of how long the player missed it.

Q: Will I remain in the Diamond League if I wasn't in the top 3?
A: Only the top 3 Farmers in the Diamond League will retain their Trophy level. The rest will move down a League.