Having a Medal means you will be more helpful to your friends! If you have a Medal, you will get more Visit Actions when visiting your friends. Your friends will appreciate the extra actions, and you’ll have more chances to get rewards!

  • Bronze: 6 Visit Actions
  • Silver: 7 Visit Actions
  • Gold: 8 Visit Actions
  • Platinum: 9 Visit Actions
  • Legendary: 10 Visit Actions 


Also, if you have a Medal, your friends will get special Rewards for visiting your farm (Water, Fertilizer, Prize Crops, and Prize Fruit). Better Medals mean that your friends will get more Rewards. If you have a Medal you will be sorted to the front of your friends’ Neighbor Bar, so better Medals means more helpful visitors to your farm. Get more and more visitors to make your farm famous! You also have a chance of finding Prize Fruit when harvesting Heirloom Trees during Neighbor Visits. Depending on your Neighbor’s current County Fair Medal, you can find up to four of them!

  • Bronze: Visitors to your farm will get 1 Water, 1 Fertilizer, and 1 Prize Crop or Prize Fruit
  • Silver: Visitors to your farm will get 2 Water, 2 Fertilizer, and 2 Prize Crops or Prize Fruit
  • Gold: Visitors to your farm will get 3 Water, 3 Fertilizer, and 3 Prize Crops or Prize Fruit
  • Platinum: Visitors to your farm will get 4 Water, 4 Fertilizer, and 4 Prize Crops or Prize Fruit 

To view a Friend’s Medal level and Neighbor Visit rewards, hover over your cursor over their avatar in the Neighbor Bar: 


Note: Neighbor Visit bonuses only depend on the Medal, not Medal level. For example, players with Bronze Medal 1, 2, and 3 will all receive the same amount of Visit Actions, and their visiting Friends will receive the same rewards. However, players with Silver Medal 1 will receive more visit actions and their visiting friends will receive more rewards than players with a Bronze Medal. You can tell the Medal level by looking at the ribbon above the Medal (see image below). 

After visiting Neighbors and completing your Visit Actions, share some rewards with your Friends! Click on “Share Rewards” to post a feed to your wall that your Neighbors can click to collect rewards, too! 


You can only visit a Neighbor once every 18-hours. Once you have completed all Neighbor Visit Actions, your Friend’s avatar will grey out until the 18-hour cooldown has expired (see image below). 


Visit your Neighbors with Medals to maximize your bonus rewards and help level up your Medals faster. If you want to be an extra helpful Friend, fertilize your Neighbors’ Crops or Heirloom Trees and maybe they will return the favor!