This countdown timer indicates how much time remains until the next County Fair Awards Ceremony event. 


Awards Ceremony: 

Every Thursday, you will go to the County Fair Awards Ceremony to collect amazing rewards and see how you performed among your Friends and Neighbors. A purple icon will hover over your Wagon to let you know that the Ceremony is about to begin. Click your Wagon to head on over with your Prize Crops.  

Once you arrive at the County Fair, you will see how many points you earned for that week and which special bonuses you’ve earned.  


Afterwards, you will then see what Medal you earned for all of your hard work that week, and your new goal for next week. Click “Get Rewards & Share” to share some with Friends and view the rest of your rewards: 


Such as...lots and lots of Coins! 


Last but not least, you can see which Friends you beat and whom you are close to passing for next week. In addition, you can see which of your Friends got first place!  


Click on the “Go Back to Farm” button to return home and start planting your Crops and Heirloom Trees for this week’s County Fair event!