It's a new Order Board that you can use to earn Favors. Trade these Favors with Cornelius and unlock exciting new upgrades that will allow you to increase production and save space. Explore the limits of your farming creativity with the latest release from FarmVille 2, Big Harvest!
If you are level 25 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the "Get Started!" button to get started.
New Market Stand & Order Board
Cornelius' upgrades will completely change the appearance of your Stand. In addition to aesthetic upgrades, you may notice the new Order Board on the left-hand site of your Market Stand. The Order Board gives you the opportunity to earn Farm Favors and Coins by completing Orders for the locale Townsfolk.
Click on the new Market Stand to check out your brand new Order Board Menu. The "Order Board" tab displays what orders you currently have available to complete and the "Sell Goods" tab will allow you to sell your Goods as you normally would with the old Market Stand.
Completing Orders will earn you Farm Favors that you can use to upgrade your Farm. The number of Favors you receive per Order is indicated by the blue thumb on top of an Order Card.
As you can see by the green check marks in the image above, Cornelius already helped you out with your first two Orders. Click on the first one to open the following menu:
The Order shown above will give you 3,900 Coins and 1 Farm Favor for crafting 3 Apple Pies. Since Cornelius has already provided the pies, Click on the "Complete" button to submit the order and get the rewards.
Return to the main Order Board menu and click on the second Order that Cornelius has assisted you with. This order will give you 590 Coins and 1 Favor. Click on the "Complete" button to submit the order. In addition to your prizes, you will see a pop-up congratulating you on beating your weekly goal.
Click on the "Collect" button to claim your 100 Farm Favors. After clicking the button, your Order board will reset. We will cover more information about Weekly Goals later in the guide, but for now, let's take a closer look at your Order Board Menu.