The second set of Dogs have arrived! You will be competing with Barbara, Gus and Cornelius for the right to the first pick of the litter! Earn Puppy Points by completing tasks and you will also earn awesome rewards along the way! Finish the race to adopt a Labrador Puppy. 

If you are level 17 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the "Show Me!" button to get started. 


In order to gain an early access to the feature, you can donate money which will be given to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Along with the early access, you will also get Bonus Puppy Points, a Premium Doghouse and a Rare Baby Chicken!  

Note: The ASPCA is a limited time offer that will expire by June 1, 2015. For more details, please view the official announcement on the website: HERE  


Note:  Purchasing the early access is optional. Waiting for the countdown to finish will grant you the feature for free. 

The Puppy Adoption Race:  

Click on the Dog House to open the main menu. This will show you your current number of Puppy Points along with your current place among the four participants. 


In order to earn Puppy Points and to be on your way to earn great rewards, you will first need to complete the Puppy Adoption Race tasks. Each task differ and will earn you corresponding Puppy Points. As you earn Puppy Points, your avatar will move along the Progress Bar, which has three Milestones. Each Milestone, will grant you a special reward and a green check mark will indicate a Milestone's completion. 


Note:  The Puppy Adoption Race uses up the goods you have crafted to complete the Race's task. 

The Labrador Puppy:  

Once you have collected 750 Puppy Points, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the "Okay" button to pick your Labrador Puppy and name it. 


Choose a Puppy:  

You will have the ability to give your Labrador Puppy a name once you have chosen it. Click on the "Get Puppy" button after you have entered its name. 


Note:  Your new Puppy will require Baby Bottles to become an Adult Dog. Keep an eye out for your Puppy as it tends to wander on your farm! 

Using the Adult Dog:  

After you fertilize and harvest your Crops, you have a chance for your new companion to dig up bonus Prize Crops! 


You can see your Labrador in action on your farm! 


Additional Information:  

  • You are limited to one Labrador per Farm.
  • The Puppy Adoption Race will never expire.
  • You will only compete in the Puppy Adoption Race with Barbara, Gus and Cornelius. You will not compete with your Friends or Neighbors.
  • The Adult Dog can be stored in your Inventory. Note: When your Adult Dog is stored in your Inventory, you will not receive additional Prize Crops when harvesting fertilized crops.