Below are a few tips and tricks that can make the game run at an optimal pace and become MUCH more enjoyable!

  • It is recommended to use the zoom in function to improve the motion of the game screen on any area of your farm and make the game run smoother when playing. Zooming out the game screen requires the Flash Player to render more objects and consume more CPU power.
  • Please close other unnecessary applications or programs on your computer when playing. The fewer the active applications on your computer, the faster the game runs due to lower Virtual Memory consumption.
  • Make sure that you re-launch the browser if it has been idle for more than 4 hours at a stretch, then resume playing. Progress might not be saved if you continue playing the game on a browser that has been idle for too long.
  • Always enable hardware acceleration in the browser, especially in Chrome, as software rendering is slow and gives poor performance. To make sure Hardware Acceleration is enabled, please visit the link:
  • When playing the game on a laptop, keep its battery charger connected for better performance. You can also set the battery performance level to "High Performance" even when unplugged. This way, the FPS rate won't drop since the performance is still maintained.
  • Always update the graphics drivers to the latest version.