For players having problems with missing  CASH or COINS, please note that this will be subject to investigation and validation. We commonly receive reports about the following:

Missing Cash or Coins due to:

  • Expansion Errors
  • Errors after selling goods in the Market Stall
  • Purchasing items from Gen. Store but didn't get it
  • Accidental purchases

We highly advice players to double check or take a note of their Cash or Coin balances in the game when trying to purchase or selling an item specially before expanding or selling goods in the Market Stall. For instance, if you tried to purchase an item from the General Store and your Cash or Coins were deducted but didn't get the item, you may try to check your Inventory if the item is there. Normally, if we have purchased an item but wasn't able to placed it correctly on the farm, it goes inside our Inventory. Accidental purchasing may cost your balance to decrease without knowing it. It is possible that by just scrolling pages from the Gen. Store, you have clicked an item unintentionally or by purchasing one, you have clicked it twice or more.

Please be mindful of the balance when making a purchase or selling your items before contacting Support. All missing Cash or Coins that are reported missing will be properly investigated and we'll do our best to make it as soon as possible for you.