Some players have been wondering about their level progression process when FarmVille 2 raises the maximum level that players are able to reach. For example, for players who are at Level 700 and have been gathering further XP while at the maximum level, they may expect to increase by several levels at once when the maximum level available is changed.
The reason that our players only increase by one level when the level caps are raised game-wide is because we want all players to be able to take advantage of all new gameplay features, animals, prizes, crops, and other elements that make FarmVille 2 such a positive experience. If our players suddenly jumped several levels at once, they would be denied all features associated with the levels that they had skipped. In addition, this would cause later features that use previously-introduced elements of prior levels to not work correctly or not display for players.  
Because we want all players to be able to interact and enjoy absolutely every new feature that belongs to each level in FarmVille 2, we make sure that all players get to experience the benefits of each level by playing through them. You're still free to move through multiple levels in a very quick amount of time, as some of our players tend to enjoy, and we thank you for understanding that we want FarmVille 2 to continue offer the best and most content to our players!