Ever wished of trading in the Market without showing your Facebook profile name and photo or have you ever wanted using a different name in your Co-op?

Well, now you can! Introducing our newest feature, the Guest Name!

The Guest Name allows you to play the game socially, even without logging in with your Facebook, and/or Game Center/Google Play accounts. What's more, the Guest Name allows you to create a name which uniquely defines you!

If you have been playing the game without any Facebook and/or Game Center/Google Play accounts logged in, you may start creating your Guest Name tapping on the Farm Stand, and hitting on the " Play as Guest" button.

Once you tap on the button, a new window pops up asking you to type in your Guest Name.

Simply type in your name, and that's it! You can now sell your goods in the Farm Stand, buy goods from the Market, and join a Co-op and chat with your Co-op friends even without logging in to any of your social media accounts!

What happens if I have a Facebook and/or a Game Center/Google Play account connected?

If you have a social network account connected, you may still create and use your very own Guest Name by tapping on the "Gear Icon," and going in to the Settings tab. 

Next, tap on the "Edit Name" button and create your Guest Name.

Next, toggle your Guest Name "On" to use the name you created.


**Toggling your Guest Name on will allow you to use your unique name even after disconnecting your Facebook and/or Game Center/Google Play accounts from the game. If you have disconnected your social networking accounts prior to creating one, you may start using a Guest Name by playing the game as a guest  WITHOUT losing your progress.

**We highly suggest that you consider connecting your game to Facebook and/or Game Center/Google Play as this allows the game to recognize your progress and to sync your account when using a different device.

**If your Guest Name is not showing after enabling it, simply force close the app and it should now appear.