Work together and win together with your Co-Op to earn rewards and upgrade your farm! 

If you are at least Level 27 and in a Co-Op group, you can ask other Co-Op members to complete Marie’s orders for you. In turn, you can claim and complete other Co-Op members’ orders as well.

You can ask for help on orders from Marie’s Order Board!

More rewards are in store for you when completing a shared Co-Op Goal!

Co-Op orders earn twice the progress toward the Co-Op Goal!

Only one Co-Op member can work on an order. Once an order is grabbed, find another Co-Op order to help on! Co-Op orders expire so grab them while you can.

Tap on the "Help" button to work on an order.

Sell the Co-Op Orders before the timer runs out!

You will be rewarded with more XP, Coins and Timber when you help with an Order!

Co-Op Goal Rewards!

Work together with your Co-Op to reach your Weekly Co-Op Goal!. Win week after week for better rewards!

  • Maximum contribution points is 60. Once you reached the limit, you are no longer able to contribute towards your Co-Op goal for that week
  • You must contribute at least 1 order to that week's Co-Op goal and still be in your Co-Op to be eligible for that week’s rewards

Earn 100 Timber on your first week!

Earn 200 Timber on your second week!

Earn 300 Timber and a Farmhand on your third week. Farmhand Betty will be available for a week!

Earn 450 Timber and another week with Farmhand Betty on your fourth week!

Earn 600 Timber and another week with Upgraded Farmhand Betty on your fifth week!

Earn more rewards by hitting your Personal Goal!