You may have noticed that the helping hands have managed to surprise you with a new Building on your Farm today.

The World Class Wharf is located next to Pike's Landing on the Waterfront.

Once you have reached Level 34 you will be able to access the World Class Wharf and Master your produce, e.g. Milk, Apples and Corn.

To progress you need to collect items with Mastery Seal, these will randomly drop when harvesting / collecting. 

Once you have harvested the required Mastery Seal produce you will stop receiving them until both tasks are completed.

As example: You have collected 8 Mastery Seal Apples but only 4 Mastery Seal Apple Pies. While you will continue to receive Mastery Seal Apple Pies when collecting your Apple Pies from the Pastry Oven you will not receive any Mastery Apples until you collected the 10 Mastery Seal Apple Pies.

To collect a Mastery Seal Apple Pie you simply have to craft a normal Apple Pie and with luck you will receive the additional Mastery Seal Apple Pie when you collect from your Pastry Oven. This means you do not need Mastery Seal Apples to collect Mastery Seal Apple Pies.

Once you have completed both tasks for the World Class Mastery you will collect your first World Class Mastery Star and unlock the next tasks to earn more World Class Mastery Stars.

As the next tasks for the Apple Mastery will require you to collect more Apples with Mastery Seal you will be able to receive these again when harvesting your Apple Trees.

Show your skill and master your produce!