Are you tired of being too familiar with how your farm looks? Have you tried redecorating your farm multiple times for that fresh perspective? How about trying a new place to grow crops -- the water.

Yes, you heard us right. Nick has found a new technique on how to grow crops and animals in the water and he calls this technique, the water plots.

If you are at least Level 38, you will be invited to know more about this wonderful new feature. You will need to force-close the game or even need to reboot your device to see the update.

To start, visit Nick's van just beside the Merryweather Mines.

Next, bring the items he needs for a chance to collect items that can unlock Water Plots.

To show you how it's done, Nick will complete the first order to help you unlock your very first Water Plot.

After earning your first expansion part, you can now plant crops on your Water Plot.

Visit the Market to see the crops available.

Note: Water Crops have the flowing water animation on their label.

How do Water Crops grow?

Just like any other type of plant, Water Crops, need fertilizers to help them grow. With this comes our newest invention -- Minerals.

In order for you to get minerals, simply place a Mineral Patch on your farm.

The patch can hold up to 4 Minerals and only takes 15 minutes for each one to replenish.

To use, simply drag and drop on your Water Crop.

Can I unlock more Water Plots?

Yes, you can unlock more Water Plots, as long as you have the needed resources.