The long-awaited Lighthouse is finally open! The Lighthouse unlocks at level  36  but if you are too excited to hunt for treasures, you have the option to purchase an early access of the Lighthouse once you reached level  23!

To get to know the Ancient Mariner before your fellow farmers do, you can purchase early access through this pop up that will see in the Envelope on your Farm.

Purchasing the early access will give you 3 Gold Stamps that will come in handy when searching for Treasures.

You will have to find 5 Journal Pages that the Ancient Mariner has sent out. To do so, go on the hunt for Treasures around the Lighthouse. You will be surprised of the amazing treasures hidden just outside your Farm!

How can I search for Treasures?
To search for Treasures, access the Treasure Hunting Mode, either by clicking on the Lighthouse icon on the left or on the boat next to your Lighthouse. The Treasure Hunting Mode will open up, and will allow you to throw your nets in an area in the water that that has not been searched.

What is the difference between the colors of the Nets I use for searching?
The Golden Nets are the fastest. Searching with this Net will only take 5 seconds!

Silver Nets are not bad either, a search with the Silver Net will take 1 hour.

Bronze Nets are easy to come by and take 8 hours to search for Treasures.

You can search up to 3 Treasures simultaneously!

Don't want to wait until your search is complete? No Problem! You can always speed up the search by using keys. The amount needed will reduce depending on how much time is left for the search.

How can I get more Nets?
Used up all your Nets? No Problem! By clicking on "Get More Nets" in the Treasure Hunting Mode you will get the option
to buy  more Nets.

What do I need to buy more Nets?
There are several ways to buy new Nets. You can use your Keys, Stamps and Coins to get these Nets! 
If you need more Stamps, make sure to pay Eagle Eye Eddie a visit and deliver the Orders he is asking for.

Once you have found all 5 Ancient Mariner Journal Pages, he will move into your Lighthouse, where he will give you
Sand Dollars in exchange for items he is requesting.

To earn your first Sand Dollar, simply fulfill the item that he is requesting. All subsequent orders will require you to fulfill all 9 requests before earning your Sand Dollars.

I can see a meter when looking at the Mariner Orders, what can I unlock here?
The more orders you complete, the more Power Pins you will unlock.  These can help you run your Farm.
TIP: The top Power Pin will unlock the Ancient Mariner to help out on your Farm for a few days.

What can I get from Sand Dollars?
Sand Dollar can be spent in the Prize Tent. We have added some amazing Power Pins that you can unlock by exchanging your Sand Dollars from the Ancient Mariner. Give it a try!

After completing your first order, you will have the Sand Dollar to buy your first "Make it Rain" Pin.

Is there a limit on how often I can buy a Pin?
No, you can buy each Pin as often as you wish, as long as you have the needed Sand Dollars.

To activate your new Pin, go to the Power Pin tab and make sure the check mark is set to Green.