We are receiving reports from some players that their Barn, Silo, and Seaway Storehouse storage capacity suddenly decreases its capacity. This unexpected downgrade mostly happens when you and your co-op won a Legend named "Tulio" in the boat race.

Depending on your Tier level, Tulio can give you extra storage upgrade for 7 days. Once this expires, your storage capacity will go back to normal.

Tier Level and Upgrade:
  • Cadet Tulio I
    +10 Storage Capacity for 7 Days

  • Cadet Tulio II
    +15 Storage Capacity for 7 Days

  • Cadet Tulio III
    +20 Storage Capacity for 7 Days

Tulio's Effect:

The original capacity is shown on the left side of your Storage. Upon winning Tulio, the extra upgrade (+20) will be added to your original Storage capacity for 7 days.