Pike is back!
Set sail with Pike on this Secret Adventure and discover the unexplored chain of Islands! The Islands are known to have their hidden mysteries and surprises. Be warned as trading goods with the Island dwellers is not going to be easy, and each Island has its own rules. Worry not as Pike promised that the rewards will be worth it! Are you ready for the adventure?
To play the feature, you must be at least Level 42, and you need to unlock 3 water plots on your Farm. Craft Water Plot recipes to help Pike trade goods and explore the Islands to earn Doubloons.
Once the feature is unlocked, you will receive a popup invitation to play the Secret Adventure with Pike. To start playing, tap the Let’s Go button.
You will see the World Map where you will begin your journey.
Explore all the Islands of every region to win unique rewards! You can also win bonus rewards when you finish exploring an Island within the time limit. Please note that you need to finish the Island that you have started in order for you to move to the next Island.
Reward Help
Complete all the orders in the order board on each Island. Trace a path from leftmost Island to the rightmost one in the region. Once completed, you can earn Insta Certificates that will instantly finish orders at any merchant orders board!
Finish exploring all the Islands in a region and get a Silver Workshop Boost to boost your workshop by 25%. You can also get the Gold Workshop Boost for 35% when you complete a region within the timeframe!
Finish an order to earn Discovery Doubloons. Discovery Doubloons will help you finish exploring an Island. 
Fulfill the Discovery Meter and collect enough Doubloons to finish the Island and earn Unlimited Speed Seeds.
Keep an eye out for special orders. This will help you extend the timer of the Order Board.
Please note that not every Island is the same and Order Board rules will keep changing. Watch out for orders with time boosters and bombs!
There are three types of Order Bboard currently at Pike Order Board:
  1. Beat the timer 
  2. Exploding orders 
  3. Serial Filler 
Remember: More the difficulty level to fill the discovery meter, the better the rewards will be! 
Beat the Timer!
Orders have to be completed in sequence before the time runs out. Finish the whole Order Board within time to earn bonus Discovery Doubloons!
Exploding Order Board
Bomb orders must be completed before it explodes otherwise it will destroy adjacent unfinished orders. Complete the whole order board within time to earn bonus Discovery Doubloons!
Unfolding Order Board
Orders will be unlocked in series. Completing an order will reveal all the adjacent orders. Get it done within time to earn bonus Discovery Doubloons!
What are you waiting for? Come now and join Pike in the most thrilling adventure of all time!