Game saved on Device or Cloud. Which one to choose? 

When you play on offline mode, your game is automatically saved on your device. If you choose to play while connected to the internet, your game is then saved on the Cloud (server). When you switch devices to play our game, it will automatically ask you to pick a game. We usually recommend that you pick the one from the Cloud as it is the most up to date game. We also highly recommend that you connect to the internet to save your game state to the Cloud often, especially when you change devices.

Before you choose your saved game from a new device, please refer to these steps:

Get the device with your updated progress:

• Access your game and make sure you are properly connected to the internet
• On your game settings, log out and log in to Facebook to refresh connection 

Note: Make sure that you are connected to Facebook before following the steps provided below 

Now on the new device:

• Access the App and make sure you have the latest DLC downloaded
• Play through tutorial until game settings (gear icon) appears
• Then log in to the same Facebook account you used on the device that has your updated progress 
Wait for your account to sync

Additional tips:
• You must have the latest game and DLC versions on both devices to be able to sync with the data saved on the Cloud. This allows the game to recognize your progress so you can access them on any device.

• You must use the same Game Center/Google Play account to download the game on your new device

New version of Saved game selector (On slow rollout):