We are receiving reports that some of you are having issues with your Keys. Here are a few reasons why your Key balance could be down.

  • You're using your Keys to speed up crafting your items for a task or for Eagle Eyed Eddie's request. Remember that you can instantly finish the items you need for a task but this will require a few Keys. If your Keys are down, you can always use your Speed Seeds. Just send a request to your friends in case you run out of it.
  • You're using Keys to expand. Expanding you're land can be very helpful especially if you are planning on purchasing more crops or animals on your Farm. Land expansion requires a certain level to reach and would also require you some Coins for purchase. If you need to expand and you haven't reach the required level yet, your Keys will be very helpful.
  • You're using Keys to complete a task. Tasks can sometimes be challenging that you would want to eagerly finish them so that you can proceed with the next. Tasks that require you to craft an item can be instantly completed by using your Keys.
  • You're using Keys to refresh the Farm Stand offers. This is actually a new feature that we added so you can skip the current items on sale and go with the next. This can be helpful if you are looking for an item that is needed for task.

To avoid unnecessary purchases, we recommend the following:

  • Wait for your crafted items to complete. If you need to tap on it to check the progress, make sure to avoid tapping the "Key" button.
  • When checking on the Farm Stand offers, just make sure that you don't tap the "skip" button.
  • On Land expansion, make sure to avoid tapping the required Keys especially if you still have not reached that level.

For your information, a confirmation message will pop up if you are purchasing an item above 30 Keys. However, you will not be seeing this message if your purchase is below 30 Keys.