By design, a farm is saved on the device and it is always preferred to link or associate your game progress on a social networking account for sync and recovery purposes. This will also serve as your backup in case you have accidentally deleted the app or have the device reset or reformatted. A farm can be linked to the following social account:

- Game Center (for iOS devices)
- Google Play (for Android)
- Facebook account

If you are playing on an iOS device and would like to recover the same game progress on another iOS device, you may use the Game Center account that you have associated your game to. This also goes for Android devices. You can use your Google Play account to recover your game progress on another Android device.

However, if you are to recover, let's say from an iOS to an Android device. Using Game Center to recover the game on Android does not apply as Android does not recognize or have Game Center login. This goes the same if you are recovering from an Android to an iOS device.

On the other hand, a Facebook account can be used to recover your game progress across all platforms. If your original game progress is also associated with your Facebook (regardless if you were on iOS, Android, or Windows), you can always use the Facebook account to sync your game progress on another device.