You’re invited to a soiree of glamor and elegance! Play the new "Masquerade Fest" and enjoy the mysterious allure of masks and magical moments on your farm!

Send supplies to earn Masquerade Tokens, to win exclusive new rewards and make this fest a huge success!


There are 2 Types of Tasks:

The Daily Tasks will reward you with 150 Masquerade Tokens for each task that you have completed. The list of Daily Tasks will change every 24 hours until the end of the season.

The Masquerade Fest tasks will reward you with more Masquerade Tokens for each task that you have completed. These tasks will stay till the end of the season.



Milestones hold exciting Elite Rewards and Masquerade Rewards for you! Earning Masquerade Tokens helps you progress and reach milestones. Complete the tasks and earn tokens to unlock rewards.

Masquerade Rewards can be claimed just by reaching the milestone that contains the reward. Please note that not every milestone grants a reward for the Masquerade Rewards track. Elite Badge holders can enjoy rewards on both the tracks!

Elite Rewards are exclusive milestone rewards that can be accessed after purchasing the Elite Badge. Claim these rewards with the Masquerade Fest Rewards upon increasing your milestone levels.


Elite Badge:

Purchase the Elite Badge to unlock the Elite Rewards and get even more rewards aside from the Masquerade rewards upon reaching every milestone. Win rewards like new costumes for Marie and Farm animals, Building Customizations, as well as a special Reward Farm Hand - Suave Swan, for the duration of the Masquerade Fest!

Suave Swan specializes in foraging for Minerals at Pappy's Pond and Quartz at the Merryweather Mine!

Elite Tasks offers you extra tasks that reward you 300 Masquerade Tokens for every task you will complete. It can be found in the Masquerade Fest tasks and will be unlocked after purchasing the Elite Badge.

Perks are bonuses that will help you complete tasks after purchasing the Elite Badge. They will be active until the end of the season.

  • Half the time to call Eagle Eye Eddie back
  • Water everything at once
  • Forage 15% faster at the event Place Of Interest
  • +20 Extra Barnspace
  • 15% faster Workstations


Exchange Rewards:

If you happen to reach a milestone in the game and the reward for it isn't unlocked yet, you will receive a pop-up message to either Exchange your reward or Wait until you reach the required level.

If you select Exchange, you can choose a different reward that you qualify for now instead of waiting until you reach the required level for the original reward. However, if you get the exchange reward, you won't be able to get the original reward for that milestone.

Note: Claim all of your rewards before the Masquerade Fest comes to a close. Any unclaimed rewards will be automatically converted to Golden Gloves and Speed Seeds.


Infinite Rewards Mode:

Once you've supplied the required items, you'll be able to enter the Infinite Rewards mode. This mode gives Bonus Rewards for every 1800 Masquerade Tokens earned.