Many game performance issues (i.e. loading, crashing, missing features, sync-ing of game) can be resolved in the following ways:
(Note: Instructions may vary slightly depending on your device or software version.)

Check your Internet connection   
  • Make sure that your device is connected through WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G or LTE.
  • If you play through a WiFi connection, make sure your router is on. Additionally, try not to play too far away from it, as you may lose the WiFi signal.  
Restart your device   

Make sure you have the latest version of your game app installed from the Microsoft Store.  
  1. On "Start", tap Marketplace or Store.
  2. If updates are available, tap "Updates", and then tap "Update all".
Restart your app by force-closing it:   

Steps to force-close:
  1. Tap and hold the "Back button" to access the multitasking view.
  2. Swipe left or right to locate your app
  3. Tap the "x" in the top right corner of the app preview.
  4. Return to the Home screen and restart the game app.

Force close unnecessary background apps using the same steps as above.   

If the issue persists, uninstall/re-install the app (*).   

(*) Important:  This step may cause your game progress to reset. Do not proceed with this step unless you have made sure that your game is backed up through one of the available sign-in methods from within the app (e.g. , Facebook Connect, email address). If your game is not backed up, Zynga may not be able to retrieve it.  

* If you are playing FarmVille 2: Country Escape, we do not recommend uninstalling the app.

Steps to uninstall / re-install:  
  1. On "Start", swipe left to the Application list.
  2. Tap and hold the app you want to remove.
  3. Tap "Uninstall" and confirm.
  4. Shut down and restart your Windows Phone.
  5. Re-download the app from the Marketplace or Microsoft Store.
  6. Open the app
  7. Sign back into your game by using the same sign-in method and account as before.

Note:  You won't be charged again for previously purchased apps if you are using the same Microsoft Account.
If you are playing on multiple devices:
  1. Make sure that the game app is always updated to the latest version on all devices.
  2. Ensure that the Date & Time settings on all devices are correct. We recommend using the "Automatic" option in your device settings.
  3. Make sure that the game is connected through the same account and sign-in method on all devices.
  4. Please be aware that the use of multiple devices may not be fully supported by all games.