The County Fair is an upgrade to the Winner's Wagon feature that we have introduced in the game. We have thought of making the Winner's Wagon more exciting and came up with the County Fair!

How does the County Fair work?

The County Fair works similarly to the Winner's Wagon, but with a twist. This time, you will not only craft items to reach your personal goals and earn rewards, but compete with other farmers for the top spot to get better prizes like Power Pins and exclusive Farm Hands that will help you for a week!  

Where do I start?

To start, simply tap on the Winner's Wagon located in front of your Farm Stand.

Next, you will be asked to claim last week's reward. Tap on "Collect Rewards" and upgrade your wagon.

What are medals?

The County Fair Medal serves as a rank for each player. All players start at the Bronze I level, and will have to  place on the top 3 spots of their respective leaderboards at the end of the week to go up the ranks.

Reach Diamond level for  the best and most unique reward there is!

A Better Promotion system has come to the County Fair!

The latest game update has made your favorite weekly leaderboard more enjoyable! From now on, those of you who are in Gold, Silver, and Bronze leagues don't need to worry about being demoted.

Demotion will now start on Ruby and Diamond leagues ONLY!

An all-new top prize to help you be on top!

With the introduction of our new County Fair Promotion comes a new reward, introducing the Diamond Bell!

The Diamond Bell is a new prize given to players who finish 1st in the Diamond league at the end of the week. It instantly finishes all work at the Glade, Pond, Mine, Pier, and Mill! This allows you to send a new batch of Farm Hands to forage in no time.

Not only that, if you stay on top at the end of the week, your Diamond Bell will be upgraded and can help you finish all work once in 7 days, 4 days, and in a day! Talk about efficiency!


Are you trying to catch up on points or simply want to keep your lead? Let these boosts help! These boosts will stay active for 24 hours, giving you the peace of mind of not being left behind.

You can also upgrade your purchased boost up to x10 the points! Taking the lead has never been this easy!

Short on Coins or Keys? No problem! Hit your weekly goal and be rewarded with a double boost which is applicable even to upgraded boosts!

Note :Upgraded boosts will stay active for 24 hours from the first purchase. So make sure to upgrade it as soon as possible to make the best out of what you paid for.

So what are you waiting for? Step up your game and win exciting rewards only here at the County Fair!