Leveling up in the game gets more exciting when you know that you can expand your Farm more, which is why we are happy to introduce four new expansion plots for your Farm!
The newest land expansions that you can purchase is located at the farthest left area of your Farm. It starts from the side of the road down to a new land expansion near the Mallard Mill.
The expansion starts near the leftmost part of the road.
The last expansion is in a new area by the river and the Mallard Mill
How can I purchase all four plots?
Unlike before, where you can purchase plots of land adjacent that what you have purchased. New plots of land will only unlock in a linear form. This means that you need to purchase the uppermost plot first, followed by the one below until you reach the fourth expansion.
Second plot will only be unlocked once the first plot of land is purchased
You will be prompted by this message if you do not meet the requirements
In addition to these 4 new plots of land, we are also excited to tell you about the new "Streak" feature when unlocking lands (starting with the Level 32 expansion).
What is the Streak feature?
The Streak feature allows you to purchase the next expansion at a lower price within a given time. Once the countdown timer expires, prices will revert back to its normal price, and you must need to reach the level thresholds to purchase these plots with Coins alone.
When will my Streak Sale expire?
The Streak Sale will be available in your farm for 14 days, while the 4 newest plots of land will be on Streak Sale for 30 days. This gives you enough time to reach the next level thresholds.
So what are you waiting for? Level up and expand your Farm now!