Getting bonuses in the game has never been more exciting with the arrival of our new and improved Watch to Earn Feature!
What's new?
We all know how Keys are spent on various things in the game, which is why we are adding various items such as Timber, Golden Gloves, Stamps Ribbons, etc. as rewards for more fun.
Also, you can now view ads to get additional spins for your Prize Wheel!
Note: You can only view up to 8 ads per day, 4 of which goes to your Prize Wheel spins and the rest to your Prize Projector Prize. Item rewards are random and you may get the same item in a row.
The Prize Projector
The new and improved Prize Projector window now shows you when your Watch to Earn views will reset. This sits on top of the Progress meter which you can fill for a bonus prize from our Mystery box.
How do I fill up the Progress meter?
The Progress meter fills up as you watch ads. Make sure to watch all FREE ads to collect the bonus prize from the mystery box!
What happens once the meter is filled?
Once the meter is filled, you will be prompted to claim the random rewards contained in the box.
Once collected, the Progress meter goes back to zero, and you will have to wait for the timer to reset to fill it up for the next day.