Use the Farm House to keep track of your Farmhands, Power Pins, Prized Animals, and more!

Your Farm House consists of different buttons: Power PinsAchievementsFarmhands, Helping HandsPrized Animals, and Back Porch
Power Pins - These are collectible boosts that improve your farm when activated. Some last for a limited time, and some last forever. Each Power Pins does something different! 

Achievements - As you play along, you'll be able to unlock and earn Achievements. Complete these unlocked tasks to get great rewards.

Farmhands - You can view and track your Farmhands activities when you click this button.

Helping Hands - These are the Farmhands that was sent to you by your Coop friends. 

Prized Animals - Keep track of your Prized Animals progression and mastery level.

Back Porch - Utilize this button to save space by storing Workshops, Crops, Decorations, and Animals.
Your Farmhands can relax and unwind here when you don’t have them busy exploring and working elsewhere on your farm.