Q: What is Max Voltage Zone?
A: Max Voltage Zone is a world where you can earn 5 tokens randomly from any rooms available to get the Jackpot game.

Q: What rooms are available in the Max Voltage Zone?
  • Exotic Moon
  • Enchanted Island
  • Glitter Gems
  • Wolf Chief
  • Winning Wolf
  • King Chameleon
  • Dollar Action

Q: What are the Token Tiers?
A: There are 3 tiers to choose from: Gold (3 Pick Token), Silver (2 Pick Token) and Bronze (1 Pick Token). The bet amount will go higher as you choose the higher tiers.

Q: Can I use different tiers to complete the 5 Tokens?
A: Yes. The tiers will be summed up when you have completed the 5 Tokens.

Q: Will there be changes or increases in bets?
A: Yes, the minimum bets will be changed for those players with access to Max Voltage Zone. If the player does not have access to Max Voltage Zone, then the minimum bet will remain the same in the main lobby.