The Royal Rush is a competition between players who will play inside a featured game room, and will be available for players Level 10 and above.

The Royal Rush runs for a whole day, and the players' rankings determine the winner. Winners will receive the reward after the round closes. You will see how much time is left at the lobby banner.

How do I play?

Once you enter the featured game room, it will start a "New Round," and will give you 1 minute and 30 seconds to play. Spin to fill the meter to add time to the clock. Tap the "Spin" button to start the timer.

Every winning will be added to your score for the rankings. Wins improve your score and move you up the rankings... finish first to win the Royal Fortune and assume the Crown!

What are the rewards?

Rewards are divided into three groups:
  • 1st
  • 2nd - 5th place
  • 6th - 15th place
Note: Rewards vary for each player.

Can I play multiple rounds?
Yes, play multiple times to beat your own rank and other top players in the leaderboard.

Will I win the event if I end the round in 1st?
No, rewards will be added at the end of every event which happens every 24 hours. This means other players will have the chance to beat your score and be on top.