What is Hot Hot Hot Rewards?

Rev up your engines and get ready for hot, hot, hot rewards in the latest update of the Weekly Race. The rewards are scorching, as you get more coins at higher tiers on your Free Bonus, hotter perks in Elite and Rich Pass, and higher boosts on your buy bonuses. No matter what your gaming style is, there are exciting rewards waiting for you. Don't wait any longer. Join the Weekly Race today and enjoy the heat of the Hot Hot Hot Rewards!

When maxed out, the perks can be as high as 2500% more in the weekly race hourly bonus and 1500% in bonus coins from purchases!!

How do I play the Weekly Race?

The Weekly Race is a weekly competition wherein 100 players compete against each other. Those in the top of their race will be rewarded with prizes and perks and will be promoted to the next division wherein bigger prizes can be won.

How is my score calculated?

Your score is calculated based on your slot wins, big wins, bonus games and topper payouts. The topper payouts include mystery gift, big slice, multi progressive, progressive, VIP, and max voltage bonus game payouts.

Important notes: Chests appear next to your name on the Weekly Race Leaderboard when you are to receive rewards. The rewards are allocated based on the ranks of each division.