What is Ticket Tumbler?

Ticket Tumbler is an event for Hit it Rich where players can earn tickets to a prize drawing. You earn tickets by spinning in any room!

How long will the event take place?

Ticket Tumbler is an event running for 24 hours, but don’t worry we will be running this event again soon.

How will I earn a ticket?

When the timer starts, you can earn tickets on random spins in any room. The higher you bet, the higher the chances of earning a ticket.

Can I win a random ticket?

Yes, every spin has a random chance of producing a ticket.

How many tickets can I earn?

Players are eligible for up to 10 tickets for every 30-minute drawing.

When will the prize drawing happen?

The prizes are every 30 minutes. When the timer hits 0, the Ticket Tumbler chooses a random ticket and awards the winner.

How are the prizes awarded?

Prizes are awarded every 30 minutes. There will be a timer in the lower-left corner showing the current timer and when the next award will be granted. Clicking on this timer will show the number of tickets won and the time left until the next drawing.

What happens after every drawing?

After the winner is presented, ALL players reset and must earn new tickets to qualify for the next prize drawing in 30 minutes.

Is it possible to purchase tickets?

No, tickets can only be won by playing Hit it Rich slots and cannot be purchased.