What is Coin Boss? 

Coin Boss is a time-limited competition wherein 100 players compete against each other. Players that win the most coins in each round will advance to the next. The better you do and the more games you win, the bigger your reward. Win all of the rounds to earn the Grand Prize! 💰Win Coins!💰 Rank 1st! 💰Be the Boss! 😎

To ensure fair competition, you will be matched with players who have played recently and have similar coin wallets.

How do I participate in Coin Boss? 🤔

You can participate in Coin Boss by spinning on any machine. When available, the Coin Boss feature will pop up on the right side of your machine. Tap the Join Now button to enter the competition.

Once enough players have joined, confirm your entry by tapping the Let’s Play! button.

To start the competition rounds, tap on the Start button.

How does the Coin Boss Pause work? 🤔

It is a vital part of the feature that allows you to pause for a brief period to move to different machines, makes purchases or collect other rewards.

What can I win from Coin Boss? 🤔

Coin Boss awards credits based on how well you do in the competition. Each round score comes from slot wins, big wins and bonus games payouts. Your position at the end of the Coin Boss competition determines how many credits you win. Win all of the rounds to earn the Grand Prize! 🏆🏆🏆