We have been informed that some players are not receiving their Breakfast and Dinner coins from our fan page.  The Team is already looking into this issue. We'll keep you posted once we are done with our investigation. Please follow through the provided work-around below:

For iOS Users, you may use the "Open App is Safari" option to receive the coins.

After clicking on the breakfast coins link, you will need to click on "More" found at the lower right side of the page and select "Open in Safari". This should open a new browser and you will see the same page that has the Hit it Rich logo and "play" button at the bottom. You can now click on the "play" button and this will take you to the game.

For Android Users, we suggest using Puffin Browser  as a workaround to be able to collect Breakfast Coins. Open your Facebook account on Puffin Browser. Go to the Official Fan Page to collect your Breakfast coins. It will redirect you to the game and start receiving your Breakfast coins!