1. The leftmost value is the Base Coin package. On top of that, we give a BONUS amount for free. We typically give our larger bonus percents for larger packages, but the bonus percent is specially personalized for each player. Higher VIP tiers will have BIGGER BONUS PERCENTS! Taking your base amount and multiplying your BONUS PERCENT will get you your final coin amount!

To simplify here is an example:

2. Your store is specially catered to you. You have 6 different price points to choose from that we’ve created for you based on how you play the game. Stores can look different between your phone and your computer because we’re able to offer different price points on different devices.



3.Sometimes we run a Special coin sale! These sales are also specifically personalized just for you so you may not see the same sale as your friend! These sales are just like the store! The Bonus Percent is added on top of the Base Coin Amount. This Bonus Percent only applies to the Special Coin Sale and isn’t an additional Bonus Percent on the final coin amount in the store.

4.All Coin packages that you see in your game are all CALCULATED with the total amount you should be receiving so no need to calculate the coins you will be getting.
We always appreciate any feedback, you can fill out this form for us to know your thoughts about your Coin packages: