It’s a cooperative feature that allows two players to combine scores to achieve a target goal. Once the goal is reached, both participating players will receive a reward.

What happens if I complete the Partner Power Up and my partner does not complete it? 
A consolation prize will be awarded to the player that completed the Partner Power Up.
How is my partner chosen? 
When the feature starts, a player from your friends list at a comparable level will be chosen. If a suitable match cannot be found from your friends list, another Hit it Rich player will be chosen for you at a suitable level.
What if my partner has not started the feature? 
A friendly “nudge” reminder can be sent to the player via Facebook.
Are the challenges the same every time? 
The challenges are generated based on the level of the partners participating in the feature.
How do I check the progress of the Partner Power Up? 
There will be a box on the left hand side of the screen that will show the time left to complete the Partner Power Up. Clicking on the Partner Power Up box on the left hand side of the screen will generate a pop up dialog that will show the exact progress made in completing the challenge.
Does the start time change for different players of Partner Power Up? 
No, every player starts at the same time. So the longer you wait before starting the Partner Power Up, the less time you have to finish.
Does the Partner Power Up run every day? 
No, this is a limited time event. But don’t worry, the Partner Power Up event will be running again!