We are aware of players reporting current issues with Stats, such as:
  • Stats not updating
  • Stats not loading
  • High score not reflecting highest score
  • Win counted as loss

First, please note:
  • Stats may take up to 24 hours to update on your profile
  • Words and Score in Solo Play mode will not count in your Stats

If you recently had to log in the game again, make sure you don't have another account linked to a different email address where you had previous progress recorded for Words with Friends.

If your Game Stats don't seem to update after 48 hours, you should try the following steps to ensure your game account is not experiencing synchronization issues:
  1. Tap your "Profile" on the Main Screen  
  2. Select Settings  
  3. Tap "Logout"  
  4. Force-close the game. (Note: This step is very important for this will remove any corrupted files in your game)  
  5. Relaunch and Login Again  

If after completing the above, you are still experiencing issues with Stats, please  share your experience with our community.

Please note that our player support team will not be able to modify your game stats if you were to reach us using the red "Contact Us" button.