Our team is investigating these reports in order to help prevent games to become corrupted.  In the meantime, we have collected some information as well as some troubleshooting steps which may help you resolve these issues on your own. 

What is a corrupted game? 
An inaccessible game that can no longer be played due to data not properly received by the client application and/or the server. 

Ways to indicate a corrupted game 

  • Particular game is frozen/unable to open 
  • Tiles unable to be placed onto the board 
  • "Out of Sync" message appears when accessing a particular game
  • No Tiles left to play but the game has not yet ended

Have you tried these troubleshooting steps?

Please follow the steps below: 

  1. Tap your "Profile" on the Main Screen  
  2. Select Settings  
  3. Tap "Logout"  
  4. Force-close the game. (Note: This step is very important for this will remove any corrupted files in your game)  
  5. Relaunch and Login Again  

If this didn't resolve your issue, we recommend trying this as a next step: 

  1. Login to:   https://gameswithfriends.zyngawithfriends.com/account 
  2. Go to "Broken Game?"  
  3. Select "Words with Friends" 
  4. Click "Refresh Game(s)"  

When you see the confirmation message in green, you are done. Try to load your game and see if issue persists. 

If the issue persists,  you may try to Resign and Delete the corrupted game.  
(Note: This will count as a "Loss" in your stats. If you do not want this game to count as a loss in your game stats, we recommend skipping this step)

To do that,  follow these steps: 

  1. Open the corrupted game  
  2. Tap the Menu bar on the lower right portion of your board  
  3. Choose "Resign"  
  4. Go back to the Main Screen  
  5. Tap "Edit" and delete the game  

Still need Help?

If you have any questions about a corrupted game, please provide us with the following information:  

    • Username of the opponent in the corrupted game
    • Last Word played on this Game
    • What occurs when you try to open the particular game

NOTE! An active game will be automatically removed from your game list when it reaches its auto-resign time limit. 

    • 6 days for "random" opponent games
    • 11 days for all other games