Here are several game options that can help you with the game.

  • Share – Allows the player to share a screenshot of the game board. 
  • Dictionary  - Allows the player to search for Words and their Definitions. 
  • Word Strength  - (Word O Meter in WWF) switch on to indicate how strong the played word is. 
  • Tile Bag  - See a list of remaining letters in the title bag. 
  • Pass  - Allows the player to miss a turn. 
  • Swap  - Allows the player to exchange their current tiles with new ones. Player will also miss their turn after swapping their tiles. 
  • Resign  - Allows the player to end the current game (this is only available if the player is the one making the current move). 
  • Chat  - Allows players to interact with each other while playing (not available if players do not have a current game). 
  • Shuffle  - Allows the player to shuffle the 7 tiles in the player's stack.