What is Choose Your Side?
This is a team based challenge event where players choose a team and compete for points and bragging rights.

How do I choose a team?
Players decide which team they will choose! At the start of the event, you will be presented with the two teams that are available and asked to choose which you want to join.

Can I change my team?
No, you cannot change teams once you have already picked a team.

How do I earn points?
Milestone points appear in random. Frequent spinning and higher bets will give you more chances of earning them.

What does it look like in my lobby if I choose a team?
The bottom bar has a  "green smoke" if you are Team Wicked Witch or "pink bubbles" if you are Team Glinda.

How do I check the score between teams?
You can monitor the score in real-time with your sidebar scoreboard!

Can I invite Facebook friends to join my team?
Yes, invite Facebook friends to play Choose Your Side with you and beat the other team!

What rewards do I receive when I reach the Milestones?
You can receive the following rewards: Credits, XP, Bonus Wheels, Mystery Gifts, Scratchers, Sneak Previews, and Events!