What is Zyngo?

Zyngo is an event that is based on the popular Bingo game mechanic, and it rewards you with bonus Credits for completing Zyngo cards.

How do I complete a Zyngo Card?

Each Zyngo card has 25 spaces on it, 24 random numbers between 1 and 75, and 1 "free" space. Collect Zyngo balls to complete the pattern highlighted on the Zyngo card before the Zyngo card timer expires. If you manage to hit all the spaces required to complete the pattern before the timer expires, you will receive the prize and a new Zyngo card will be revealed; if the timer expires before you manage to complete the highlighted pattern, however, the Zyngo card and its prize will reset and you will have to start the card from the beginning again.

How do I collect Zyngo Balls?

Each spin (on any machine) has a chance of dropping a Zyngo ball off the reels. Higher bets have better chances of dropping uncommon and rare Zyngo balls. Each Zyngo ball has a number on it between 1-75. If the number on the Zyngo ball matches a number that is in on one of the spaces on the Zyngo card, the Zyngo ball will fall into that corresponding space; if the number on the Zyngo ball does not match any number on the Zyngo card, the Zyngo ball will bounce off the Zyngo card. Each Zyngo ball collected (whether it matches a number on the Zyngo card or not) increases the prize for completing the Zyngo card.

What do the different colors of Zyngo cards and Zyngo balls mean?

There are 3 different tiers of Zyngo cards and 3 corresponding Zyngo ball tiers -

  • The common Zyngo balls (green) are the easiest to find, and go onto the easy Zyngo card (also green) only. You have 24 hours to complete the easy Zyngo card from the moment it was revealed before it expires.
  • The uncommon Zyngo balls (blue) are more difficult to find, and they go onto the normal Zyngo card (also blue) only. You have 7 days (168 hours) to complete the normal Zyngo card before it expires.
  • The rare Zyngo balls (purple) are the most difficult to find and they go onto the hard Zyngo card (also purple). You have until the end of the event to complete the hard Zyngo card before it expires.

How is the prize for completing a Zyngo card determined?

Each Zyngo card has a "face value", which is the starting prize amount for completing the Zyngo card. In addition, each Zyngo ball collected increases the completion prize beyond the "face value" amount for the corresponding Zyngo card.

What are the star symbols that appear on the Zyngo card?

Spaces with star symbols give the player a special power up once the player gets a Zyngo ball with a number that matches the number on that space. Power ups can give bonus Zyngo balls, more time to complete the Zyngo card, a “Zyngo Ball Frenzy", and more.

What is the "Zyngo Ball Frenzy"?

During a "Zyngo Ball Frenzy", each Zyngo ball drop grants 2 Zyngo balls instead of the usual 1 per drop. Frenzies are limited by time, so hurry up and collect as many as you can!