What is Rainbow Rush?
Rainbow Rush is a real-time weekly competition between you and other players on your division leaderboard.

There are 13 divisions in Rainbow Rush. Finish in the Promotion Zone at the end of the week to move up divisions for even more fierce competition and larger rewards!

If you finish in the Drop Zone, you will be demoted to a lower division for the next competition.

Since Rainbow Rush is a real-time competition, an Internet connection is required in order to see Rainbow Rush and earn points.

How do I move up on my leaderboard?
Move up your leaderboard by winning credits from spinning on any machine. Each credit won from spinning while connected to the Internet = 1 Rainbow Rush Point.

Since Rainbow Rush is a real-time competition, an Internet connection is required in order to see Rainbow Rush and earn points.

Points will be abbreviated when they become very large in order to keep these numbers visible.

How long are competitions?
Rainbow Rush competitions last a week, starting on Thursdays at 8 AM PST. During the week you can spin to earn points and beat the competition.

What are the prizes for winning?
All players receive more credits on their Hourly Bonus during Rainbow Rush. The higher your division, the more credits you earn on your Hourly Bonus!

If you finish in the Promotion Zone you will win a prize chest. Chests offer surprise rewards and some chests may include multiple surprise rewards. Earn a better chest by finishing higher up in the Promotion Zone at the end of the week.

Additionally, you may receive a Rush Pack depending on your tier.

What are Rush Packs?
Rush Packs are special Lucky Cards packs that are granted based on your performance in Rainbow Rush. Certain tiers have the chance to provide a Rush Pack so long as you maintain your tier or finish within the Promotion Zone.

Each Rush Pack contains a special Rush Card needed to complete the Lucky Cards Album.

When are prizes rewarded?
At the end of each weekly competition, final standings and rewards are prepared, which can take up to 15 minutes. Once prepared, you will see your final results from the previous competition, receive chest rewards if you finished in the Promotion Zone, and then you will see your new leaderboard for the next competition.

Note: All Rainbow Rush points earned during this 15-minute intermission period are saved and counted towards the next competition.

What is the Top Players tab?
The Top Players tab shows the leaderboard for players who have reached the top Over the Rainbow division. Reach the top division to be shown to other players on this tab!

What is the Friends tab?
The Friends tab shows how your current division compares to your Clubmates and Facebook friends. Be sure to connect to Facebook and join a Club to see how you compare!

What happens in the case of a tie?
If two players finish with the exact same score at the end of a competition, the player who entered the competition first is awarded the stronger standing.

Why is my Rainbow Rush score different on my second device?
Your progress in Rainbow Rush and your place on the leaderboard is specific to your device. You can participate in Rainbow Rush on multiple devices, but each will have separate scores and rewards.

How is my score abbreviated?